Monday, May 7, 2012

Rain in Michigan

It's been raining for a couple of days now. It's not the monsoon, because we don't have the monsoon here. It's just a good soaking spring rain caused by a slow moving front that kinda stalled over the great lakes.
I like the rain.  Everything is so green and the promise of growth is so strong. I can almost see the grass on the lawn getting longer by the minute and the peas in the garden stretching for the sky.
I love being out in the rain.  I love to hike in the rain and run and used to really like playing soccer or football in the rain. Nancy thinks I'm nuts, but I'm going camping later this week with the Quest class and as usual, I hope it rains on us sometime. I also have to go ref a couple of soccer games in an hour or so and that will be fun too.
I wonder if I like the rain so much because we used to play in the rain at the boarding school in Kodaikanal, India, when I was a kid ?  Or maybe it was because when we were in Kuwait and Oman the rain was such an infrequent and welcome visitor? Or because I love to garden and the rain just makes the garden so fresh and clean and alive.  I love to go graze on the green stuff - pop rain-wet peas or beans or lettuce into my mouth.
I wonder what it will be like Mumbai during the monsoon ?  Will I still love the rain so much, or will I tire of the humidity and the mold and damp?
Of course, it's Tulip Time here in Holland and it usually needs to rain at least one day during tulip time, just to keep us honest.

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