Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nice flight

Travel should be this way . The trip from the convention center to the airport via the trolley and bus was made more pleasant by a conversation with Dr. Loerscher about the state of school libraries and librarians.  Transfer from trolley to bus was made smoothly,  I was deposited at the front of the airport, check in went smoothly and security was managed with a minimum of hassle. When the plane took off we were treated to a nice curving climb out of San Diego that took us first out over the Pacific and then back over the town with a great view.  It was neat to see the metropolis laid out before me such that I could trace where I had been the last few days. As we skirted the south end of the Grand Canyon, it started to cloud up, offering quick glimpses of the view .A couple of hours later, we began to see glimpses of the geometry of midwest Farm country.  Square sections defined man made boundaries while curved lines within the fields showed where the water goes. We descend towards the Minneapolis and circle around the twin cites before we land giving me a good view of the route of the marathon that I ran last fall.  Nice trip ;-)

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