Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cecilia's Notebook

A favorite time of my day is coming home to see what Cecilia, our housekeeper, has written in the notebook that we keep.  Cecilia and I write notes to each other.  Cecilia keeps a running tab of expenses plus we write notes about menus and daily happenings.  Cecilia's writing has such voice.  She fusses over our health like a mother hen.  She apologizes over the tiniest glitch in the menu ingredients. Cecilia gives advice. She bought cough drops for me from a vendor at the train station when I had a terrible cough this fall.

As you can see in this page, the market shopping came to 705 rupees which is about $13.00. Tim and I want to make pesto, so we needed to know if Cecilia had extra parmesan cheese in the fridge.  Can you imagine not being sure what's in the fridge?

I saw a man hawking peaches along the road this weekend, so I wondered if Cecilia could buy some peaches.  Do I still want Cecilia to buy watermelon, cut it up into squares, plus make watermelon juice?  YES!

Cecilia and I have a running joke about how she makes the food extra mild for me.  She is so sweet.  She brought pork from home for Tim, warned me not to try it, and warned Tim that there were bones in the pork.

This country and its people humble me. Cecilia made our landing in this country soft and smooth. I am thankful for Cecilia. I am thankful for the generous hearts of this country.

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