Saturday, May 18, 2013

CROP Walk and Water in Mumbai

For a number of years, we have been involved in the Holland Area CROP Hunger Walk. We've supported it because we've always felt so lucky and blessed to have all that we have and we want to help in some small way with those in our neighborhood and around the world who struggle with adequate food and water.  We like a couple things in particular about Church World Service (CWS) and their CROP Hunger Walks. First, we walk at participants to experience just a little of what many around the world every day do, walk to get their food and water. Second, 25% of the money raised stays in the local community to help with hunger issues locally. (Too often well meaning efforts seem to be focused elsewhere). Third, Church World Service works not only with disaster relief, but also with projects that empower people to better their own lives and not need relief.
about to begin walking
This year, because we were not able to walk our neighbors in Michigan, we did our own little CROP Hunger Walk here in Mumbai. We started  at our neighborhood church, Holy Cross, just like our fellow CROP Hunger Walkers in Michigan start at a local church.  Thank you to our friends and family that supported our walk here in Mumbai. 

Reservoir for water storage

We walked through a few neighborhoods - really little villages - near our house.   It is warm and humid here, quite different from many of our walks in Michigan when it was cold and rainy. It hasn't rained here since sometime in October, with the end of the monsoon, so it also quite dusty.  It also means that access to water, especially clean drinking water, is such an important issue here.  To try a share a sense of how important it is, here's a few pictures relating to how people get their water here ...
Water delivery truck
Water tank supplying clean water for a group of houses

Water tap for several houses
Communal water tap
Water jug at local restaurant

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