Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Vacation

The summer of 2013 has been over for us for a few weeks now.

Nancy at the castle in St. Andrews
We began again back at school here in Mumbai on August 5, after almost two months of time off to travel and see family. In many ways it was the first real summer vacation Nancy and I have had together.  Before this we had usually taken a week or two off here or there, but not an extended period of time like we did this summer.
Waterfall in the Lake District
This summer's vacation was pretty special and was broken into about 4 sections. First, we had a good time, just the two of us, exploring England and Scotland.

Then we separated for some professional development, Nancy heading to Connecticut and New York for a visit and writers workshop and I went to San Antonio for the big ISTE conference.

Mt. Rainier - Yes, I took this picture - I was gob-smacked!
We re-united in the Pacific Northwest where we had a great time visiting family and enjoying the outdoors.

Hiking in the Olympics with Jen & Eric

Finally, we spent a couple of weeks at a rented cottage near Lake Michigan where we could hang out and enjoy family and friends.
Hanging with family and friends at the beach.
We have never had a summer so full.  The life of the international teacher is lots of hard work, but also lot of good vacation and travel!

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