Monday, March 3, 2014

Crossing the Street

I've been meaning to write about the traffic and crossing the street here in Mumbai for quite awhile. During a recent professional development event (ASB Unplugged conference) , I was lucky enough to be sitting next to a good friend and colleague, Megan in a cinematic narrative workshop by Jim Sill. Great speaker and good session and I really like the approach and the opportunities for use in education. We were tasked with telling a story in a short movie using 4 shots: an establishing shot, a long shot, a medium shot, and a close up.  Great speaker and good session and I really like the approach and the opportunities for use in education.

I chose to show how to cross the street in Mumbai. A couple of notes about this:

1) The corner we're using is the one nearest our school and apartment
2) It was shot mid-morning - a very quiet time of day in the neighborhood. 
    The good news about that is that it made it a little easier to shoot without getting run over.
    The bad news is that it really doesn't show how tough it can be.
3) I had a little difficulty with the sound - the crossing clip sound was messed up so I copied some audio and replayed it ;-)
4) Thanks to Megan for her patience and great acting !

So this is my first attempt to include a little movie clip in the blog. Hopefully it will work OK.


  1. Nice job. Interesting, but if that is the quiet time, I'd hate to have to cross at rush hour. Reminds me of scenes in Douala Cameroon.


  2. Nice work, Tim! It's one of those things that you can explain at length, but a picture (or a film clip) is worth a thousand words.
    Brought back some recent memories! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this - and other impressions of living in Mumbai and working at ASB. We are a new family headed your way and I have been reading your posts and looking at your photos to get an idea as to what we can expect when we get there. Having visuals helps a lot with being prepared (as I was watching this I could not help but start thinking of how I am going to negotiate the crossing with 3 kids in the mornings at the 'busier' time). Thanks to you I have lots of time to come up with a strategy and to get my kids ready for this part of the adventure too. Best-