Monday, June 8, 2015

Safari - Zanzibar

One of the reasons we travel and accept jobs in other parts of the world is to go to interesting and exciting places. Zanzibar is one of those places that even sounds exotic.  With a unique history and ties to Oman (a country that I love dearly), Zanzibar provides a blend of Arab and African, and has long been a place I have wanted to visit.  So, with a long weekend available, Nancy and I headed off on our safari (the word simply means journey).  Here's some pictures:
View from our hotel on the beach - low tide.
Zanzibar is a group of islands (sometimes called the Spice Islands), so of course ocean related activities and historical sites are the two main tourist attractions.  We spent a couple of nights at a beach hotel and one in the old historic "Stone town".  If you look closely at the photo above, you might see people off in the distance - it's low tide and the women have walked out from shore in groups to surround and net the small fish.
Dhow ride - going by a fancy hotel on the beach.

We had to go for a sunset Dhow ride. We were anticipating a quiet cruise, but found we were sharing the boat with a diverse group of friends, living in Zambia, but from both Europe and Africa (Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania) who brought along a group of drummers and danced much of the trip. Great fun.

We also spent some time in Stone Town, the old capital of Zanzibar, with winding alleys and old buildings. We loved the old doors.
gorgeous hours

great carving

Indian style

Slave dungeon- as many as 50-60 packed in these holding cells

Zanzibar also had a long history as a center of slave trade and we visited both a slave market area and the underground cells where they held the slaves.

Zanzibar also has the distinction of being the site of the Anglo-Zanzibar War, known as the shortest war in history - 38 minutes.
Fort in Stone Town

We even went to a small island called prison island ( real name - Changuu)  that had served as a quarantine site as well as the home of some giant land tortoises.
Great beaches - this one on Changuu

Nancy and I even went snorkeling !
in the boat on the way to the reef for snorkeling.

More adventures await ...

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