Thursday, April 12, 2012

FAQ #3: Where will you live?

Where will you live?

We're not sure yet - they tell us we'll probably be living in a 3 bedroom apartment.  It is supposed to be furnished with just a few basics (table & chairs, bed, couch) but they will give us a shipping allowance to send some stuff from here and also a "settling-in" allowance to obtain a few things after we get there.  We'll be heading for a visit next week and hope to be able to see the apartment or one like it ;-)

Update -

View of the bathroom showing entrance to laundry room
When we visited we were able to see a model apartment similar to the one we will be living in.
It looked pretty nice - basic, but with plenty of space.  Nancy particularly was intrigued by the laundry room which you enter by going through the bathroom and the shower .  (See picture)

We also had a chance to have dinner at the Superintendant's place and the elementary principal's apartment.  Both we very nicely furnished with many local items and they are giving us a "settling in" allowance and a little time when we first arrive to find some things to make the place homelike.

Nancy is also excited about working with her sister and other trusted decorating friend to pick colors etc. - The school will paint the apartment per our color scheme if we let them know what we want.

Our apartment building will be located near the new elementary building they are constructing in the Kohinoor City development.
Here's a link to the website about that:
It really is fictional at this point, as much of it is still under construction, but it will be interesting  to see how it is once we move in.
sample living room

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