Sunday, April 22, 2012

On our way

To be sung to the tune of " The Strife is O'er"
  • The flight's near o'er 
  • The ocean is wide 
  • We're finally on the other side 
  • They're serving breakfast on the plane  
  • Alleluia ! 
  • My legs are cramped 
  • My shoulders are sore 
  • My pillow is lost somewhere on the floor 
  • As for my seat, it can't take no more 
  • Alleluia 
  • But now a thought 
  • Has come to the fore 
  • After this flight, there is one more 
  • And I recall 'tis longer yet ! 
  • Oh my poor tush!
Nancy - in the Airport just before our first flight. Notice the smile and energy!

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