Monday, April 16, 2012


We went to the Meijer Gardens to enjoy the butterflies over the weekend. The experience brought a few thoughts to mind ...

I like the color

It was a very enjoyable time:
  • wandering around watching the butterflies flutter around
  • see the color of the flora and the fauna
  • watching the people enjoying themselves
  • sharing time with Katie & Noland and Nancy
  • chatting about our upcoming trip to Mumbai
  • feeling the warmth and humidity of the conservatory
  • musing about amount of donated money involved
  • then going out to eat for good food at Rose's
 So some semi-related thoughts ...

  • lots of butterflies in India
  • nice and warm and humid too
  • which parks and gardens will we soon be enjoying
  • are we feeling a few butterflies inside about the new adventure
  • who will we be spending time with sharing thoughts
  • where we will eat good food
We head to Mumbai for our first visit tomorrow!

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