Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bandra exploration

Nancy and I have spent some of our free time during the last couple of days exploring Bandra, "The Queen of Suburbs". 
In addition to being the area where many of our colleagues from the school live, it's has an intersting history, having been under control of the Portuguese for over two hundred years, followed by the British for another two hundred years. It's now a hot social scene as well, quite cosmopolitan, with Bollywood movie stars, Europeans, wealthy business folks, and young urbanites mixing at coffee houses, restaurants and night clubs.
We began our exploration Friday evening after a long week of work and well-earned TGIF get together with our colleagues at a fashionable new "watering hole" on Linking Road.  While there, several of our friends reminded us that the day was a Hindu festival day known locally as Gokulashtami - Lord Krishna's Birthday
The highlight of this particular celebration is the people who form human pyramids to try and reach a clay pot suspended high in the air.  I've embedded a youtube video below - here's the link in case the embed doesn't work:

The following day we went back to Bandra to explore some more, starting with Mount Mary's Church, wandering through the gardens at lands end, where the ruins of an old Portuguese fort remain aomng the couples gazing into each other's eyes and walking along the beach on Carter Road.  Finally, we walked by the shops and stalls along Linking Road, one of the major shopping areas. Bandra, like much of Mumbai and Kohinoor city, has such a mix of Christian, Hindu, and Muslim people and history.
Mount Mary's Church

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