Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typical weekday evening in Mumbai

Over the quiet drone of the air conditioner, we hear the street traffic below. Ours is not too busy a street: which means that the horn beeps are not constant - usually only three or four a minute, and the engine noise of the passing rickshaws, sounding so much to Midwestern ears like a lawnmower engine, can be individually distinguished.
We've both had supper, and are sitting side by side on the couch with laptops perched on our knees.  I think I click louder than Nancy does, but maybe it's just that my keyboard is closer to my ears.  Speaking of supper, I think I cooked about three times in the four weeks we've been here: a couple of omelets and a spaghetti pie  one weekend. Of course the spaghetti pie was made with homemade sauce that Cecilia made for us, so there wasn't really much cooking involved.
Cecilia is our housekeeper/ house maid / cook. We connected with her through my predecessor who highly recommended here for good reason.  We feel amazingly spoiled when we come home from work to a clean house, laundry done, supper waiting in the kitchen, and a cute note asking what she should cook for us next. I think she's a little frustrated with us because we of course can't make up our minds about what we might possibly want the following night so we ask her to choose one of her favorites. So far, we haven't gone wrong.
So we've had supper and now we're checking our email, prepping for school tomorrow, catching up on logistical things like online banking and trying to remember if we've forgotten anything.  The living room doesn't really have much in it yet except a couch, a TV in a recycled entertainment center, and a nice coffee table we bought down at Harry's. Sometimes we feel like we're living back in a 1970's dorm room.  ( I say 1970's because dorms were pretty sparse then - now its seems kids have all kinds of cool things in their dorm rooms - don't I sound like an old fogey ?)
Our shipment should  arrive within another couple of weeks and then we trust the place will look a little spiffier and we'll have some company over.
In the meantime, we like our peaceful, productive weeknights. They're really not much different than our weeknights were in Michigan - except for the household chores. ;-)

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