Saturday, August 4, 2012

Community and Social Responsibility

One of the things that our school is intentional about is being aware of, involved in, and a positive presence to our community.  Two staff members are hired to lead the school in community and social responsibility. Part of our growth and learning as individuals, both staff and students, is to be aware of how privileged we are and to be aware of those around us who are not as privileged.  In a country like India there is such an incredible range of socio-economic situations.  On Sunday we went for brunch at a Luxury hotel nearby - The Leela Mumbai. The place was incredible - huge gardens and pools, marble and gold decor everywhere, great service and delicious food.  Opulent and elegant.  
Today we visited an Indian school that ASB partners with for both community service and professional development. The school is similar to a charter school in the states - partly funded by the Indian government and run by an NGO (Non Governmental Organization). The majority of the students are from 2 extended, interrelated families (about 80% of the kids share 2 common surnames) that have been street cleaners for 5 generations.  It currently has students from PreK to 6th grade and is adding a grade per year as the first cohort of kids age.  Instruction is in English, and the teachers we met were dedicated, caring professionals, most with masters degrees, eager to interact with us and learn together.
Reflections on the experience:

  • Dang these kids are cute!
  • There is so much hope and potential in the world.
  • Education is so important and can make such a difference in people's lives.
  • Kids are kids the world over - excited and eager to learn and playful and shy.
  • Teachers are teachers the world over - caring and dedicated and eager to share and wanting the best for their students.
We are planning to continue our connection with these good people over the year, with some staff development activities with the teaching staff and additional visits in both directions.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! Truly inspirational :-)

  2. Great photos!! Do hope you have a chance to connect with these kids. I'm sure they can teach you as well as you teaching them.


  3. What an incredible experience! I am totally impressed with the school's efforts in immersing you in the culture - sounds like all along the spectrum. It is easy to forget how fortunate we are when your daily life keeps you amongst others that are also very fortunate. I look forward to future glimpses into what you are experiencing.


  4. What an incredible experience! I am quite taken by the efforts of your administration to immerse their team in the culture, all across the spectrum. It is easy to forget how fortunate we are when we basically live amongst everyone else who is also so fortunate. I look forward to more glimpses to what you are experiencing.

  5. Thanks, Tim. Keep your posts coming!