Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indian Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all!
Indian Flag with flowers around the base

Today is the day the peoples of India celebrate their independence from Britain after many years of mostly non-violent struggle.  We enjoyed a delightful morning of celebration with our neighbors and new friends within the Kohinoor City Phase One Housing Association where we live. The compound includes about 12 apartment buildings with parking, several play areas for children, good security, etc., and a very interesting mix of upper middle class people.  
Dancing troupe posing for pictures after their performance
Nancy chatting with the dancers
Festivities began with a flag ceremony and the national anthem.  The Indian flag raising tradition differs from ours: when the flag is unfurled, flower petals that have been placed inside the carefully folded flag spill out around the flag pole area.
While we wandered around watching the kids participate in games and races, many of our neighbors came up and introduced themselves to us.  Many of both kids and adults were dressed up for the occasion and a group of the little girls came and presented a dance to much enjoyment. We also took part in group word scramble game which our building won !
Musical Chairs for the Ladies

Handing out prizes to winning artists

Nancy was almost a semi-finalist in the Ladies musical chairs game and I served as a judge for the children's drawing contest (both I think  because I was "impartial" in that I didn't know any of the kids, but perhaps also the prestige of having a "European" judge ?) We even were served a little box snack with a juice box and a savoury puff pastry.  Great way to celebrate.  We're heading out later this afternoon to explore town a little more and go out to eat in Bandra.  Happy Independence Day, India (and Happy Birthday big sister!)
Meeting the neighbors - taken by Amy Garrett from her apartment


  1. Cool! But we need videos! :)

  2. Jaya Hey!
    And don't forget that Eileen is even older than India!
    Sounds like you are really enjoying your experience and fitting in easily with your neighbors.
    Keep having fun!

  3. OHHHHHHMYYYY, the human pyramid, did you see it?!!! I was waiting in anticipation as to how that little guy was going to get down alive!!! He came down all right, and hopefully ran back to his mom who probably fainted on the ground!!! LOVE the pictures of the students. WOW Nanc. . . semi-finalist in musical chairs. . . never cease to amaze the friends back home!

  4. Nice blog, i discovered it while researching for my article. Thanks for sharing your Indian independence day celebration.

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