Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Stopped at a favorite coffee shop on the way back from mailing a few items at the post office. Living close to downtown as we do, it's always nice to be able to walk places - and stop for coffee. It's a good place: which means around here, of course, that it is a small locally owned, globally aware ( can you say 'fair trade') sort of place. Usually populated, as it is this morning , with a mix of college students and profs, older folks like me taking a break, business people, and a minister or two meeting with a parishioner (this IS a church town).
I think mornings here are quite different from evenings when the high schools kids are around and it's very social. Right now, most of us keep to ourselves, with occasional nods or a brief word exchanged with those you know. Of course, one of things I like to do is sit and watch all the folks and speculate about who they are, what there relationships are and where they're going.
It will be interesting to discover what our favorite places will be when we get to Mumbai. I'm sure it will be local, and the people will be interesting ;-)

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