Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Tim & Taran - about 1996 or 1997
The boy leans easily against his father
Gazing upward
His body relaxes with his head
Resting comfortably upon  his Dad's chest.

The father too looks up
With hands on hips
He leans back
Against the trunk of the supporting tree.

Dappled sunlight filters
Through the surrounding trees
From behind the pair
Shadowing their torsos.

What captures their gaze so?

Could it be just wonder
At the beauty and
Stillness of the woods
Around them ?

Might it be that they both
Dream of the future
When the lad will
Grow and thrive ?

Or perhaps it is just
Quiet contemplation
Of the comfort of being
Together and supported.

Nancy has been co-chairing the writing activities for our ARTS celebration at church. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago at a writing workshop she led where we were using a old photograph as a prompt.

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