Friday, June 15, 2012

You ain't much ...

The old mill on Windmill Island, Holland Mi
One of the pleasures of living in Holland is the chance to go jogging in the cool early mornings.  I was going around windmill island the other day and I had to stop a use my cell phone to take a couple of pictures.  The sun was just up and the sky was clear and the cool air was invigorating.
Something about the windmill just called out to be photographed.  The windmill is actually and old one that was brought over some years ago from the Netherlands.  It works and you can actually buy stone ground flour from the mill in the little tourist shop there on Windmill Island and a couple of other places in town.  The miller lives in our neighborhood and I've been cornered by her before at historic district events.  She is one of those odd ducks so dedicated to her work that sometimes it's hard to talk about anything beyond that.  She regaled me for ten minutes about how she had to travel all over the midwest to find the correct hard wheat to mill because some of the softer and newer varieties of wheat don't grind as well on her stone - then another ten minutes about how to sharpen the stone by hand.  I tried to be polite .

Anyway - I very much enjoy the cool morning jogs. Not sure I'll have these kinds of opportunities much on a day-to-day basis in Mumbai, so I need to relish them now.

Windmill Island - sun to my back.
About the title of the post - there's an obnoxious saying around here that goes: "You ain't much if you ain't Dutch" I just kinda thought it appropriate to these pictures

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