Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Diego

I'm in San Diego to attend the ISTE conference, and excited for several reasons. First, it's a great conference with lots of good sessions, networking with friends and colleagues from all over, and spectacular exhibits. Second, I'll be meeting several more of my colleagues from India . Third, it's San Diego !
Had a little break this afternoon to walk around. Had several thoughts.
San Diego has a lot of similarities with Mumbai. Its a big city and has the characteristics of a big city, both the advantages and the challenges. In addition to lots of good restaurants, cultural events, shopping, tourism and general energy, you have traffic and construction issues, environmental issues, and people asking for money.
I felt guilty telling a man that I could not help him with money for a bus ticket. I know I will need to work on my "tough skin".
This restaurant looked pretty good too ;-)
I wrote this blog post on my iPhone.

View from conference center
Several India restaurants in the neighborhood
Gaslamp Quarter - convention center in background

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