Sunday, June 3, 2012


So I got up early this morning to ride my bike over to the Holland Christian tennis courts to play tennis with Doug.  (Yeah, I know, Sunday morning on the Christian courts !? )
Great time was had by all - we each won a set which felt good because I do not often win a set off him.

But more importantly, it was a beautiful morning in early June here in Michigan. The temperature was in the 50's, the sky was clear, and there was just a light breeze.  It was cold riding the bike, so I had a jacket on and we both wore long sleeve shirts to play in.

I love the cool days here in Michigan in the late spring / early summer.  It's also wonderful when the fall comes in September and we feel the earth cooling off after the heat of August. It will be interested to see how it feels living in Mumbai and not experiencing the same changes.

I also hope to be able to play a lot of tennis in India.  I actually learned how to play tennis back in India in the early 60's on clay courts at the boarding school in Kodaikanal:

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